Meriken Park is a park located in Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture, where landmarks such as Kobe Port Tower (currently closed for renovation), one of Kobe’s most famous buildings, can be seen.

In addition to Kobe Port Tower, Meriken Park is home to the Kobe Maritime Museum, Starbucks Coffee and other cafes, hotels, and the cruise ship terminal.

Kobe Meriken Park Oriental Hotel and Nakatottei Cruise Terminal
Kobe Meriken Park Oriental Hotel and Nakatottei Cruise Terminal

In addition, in a corner of Meriken Park, visitors can see the quay that was damaged by the 1995 Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake, as it was at the time of the earthquake. And there are exhibits related to the earthquake.

Earthquake Remnants seen in Meriken Park
Earthquake Remnants of Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake

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Origin of Meriken Park

The name “Meriken Park” comes from the fact that the area where the park was located was called “Meriken Wharf” when the Port of Kobe was opened.
The name “Meriken Wharf” was derived from the fact that there was an American consulate nearby at the time, and the name “Meriken” was derived from a mishearing of “America” as “Meriken”.

Kobe Port Tower (currently closed for renovation)

Kobe Port Tower at Meiken Park

Kobe Port Tower, built in 1963, was the first tower in the world to use a pipe structure.
The upper floor of the 108 meter tall Kobe Port Tower is an observation deck from which visitors can see the port of Kobe, the city center, mountains, and even the direction of Osaka.

Kobe Port Tower, which symbolizes the Port of Kobe, is uniquely shaped to resemble a “Tsuzumi”, a traditional Japanese musical instrument, and is also known as the “Beauty of the Steel Tower” for its beautiful appearance.

At night, the tower is illuminated and you can see one of the representative night view of Kobe.

Renovation of Kobe Port Tower

As of June 2023, Kobe Port Tower is closed for renovation, and is scheduled to reopen in the spring of 2024.
During this period, the entire tower will be covered with a sheet for construction, and will not be visible, but projection mapping will be performed at night. (Every hour 00 minutes and 30 minutes between 17:30 and 22:00)

A new open-air observation deck will be installed on the roof of the renovated Kobe Port Tower, allowing visitors to enjoy a 360° panoramic view while feeling the breeze.

Nakatottei Chuo Cruise Terminal Kamomeria

Nakatottei Chuo Cruise Terminal Kamomeria is located in the area between Meriken Park and Kobe Harbor Land.
From “Kamomeria”, a sightseeing boat is in service that circles the Port of Kobe.

Kobe Harbor Land

Kobe Port Tower and Kobe Maritime Museum
Night view from umie Mosaic

Kobe Harborland is a large shopping, dining, Ferris wheel, and movie complex located near Meriken Park.
From the deck of “umie Mosaic”, a commercial facility within Kobe Harborland, visitors can enjoy a panoramic view of Kobe Port Tower and the distinctive shape of the Kobe Maritime Museum on the opposite shore.
At night, Kobe Port Tower and Kobe Maritime Museum is illuminated, creating a photogenic night view that symbolizes Kobe.

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Meriken Park (メリケンパーク)


2 Hatobacho, Chuo Ward, Kobe City, Hyogo 650-0042


8 minute walk from Minato-Motomachi Station.
10 minute walk from Motomachi Station.
12 minute walk from Hanakuma Station.


(Kobe City Transportation Bureau) Minato-Motomachi Station
Subway Kaigan Line (Yume-Kamome)

(JR) Motomachi Station
Kobe Line

(Hanshin Electric Railway) Motomachi Station
Hanshin Main Line

(Hankyu Railway) Hanakuma Station
Kobe Line