Night view of Yokohama
Night view of Yokohama

Kanagawa Prefecture is located south of Tokyo in the Kanto region and was the capital during the Kamakura period (1185-1333). The prefecture’s population is 9,232,794, second only to Tokyo, and the prefectural capital is “Yokohama City”.

Kanagawa Prefecture has a variety of tourist destinations for different purposes, attracting many tourists from Japan and abroad.
Some of the most popular tourist destinations are

  • Yokohama, with its futuristic waterfront Minato Mirai.
  • Kamakura, once the political center of Japan.
  • Enoshima (Fujisawa City) and Chigasaki, which are known for their beaches and ocean fun.
  • Hakone, known for its onsen(hot spring) resort easy to access from Tokyo.

Enoshima beach
Enoshima Beach

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