Ryuokyo is a canyon formed by erosion of volcanic rocks, located in Nikko City, Tochigi Prefecture.
The area around Ryuokyo Canyon between Kinugawa Onsen (Hot Spring) and Kawaji Onsen is a hiking course.
The “Musasabi Bridge Tour Course (about 3 km (1.86 miles))”, which is the most popular among visitors, can be completed in about one and a half hours.

Njimi Falls at Ryuokyo CanyonNjimi Falls

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About Ryuokyo Canyon

Ryuokyo Canyon seen from Nijimi BridgeRyuokyo Canyon seen from Nijimi Bridge

Ryuokyo Canyon was formed 22 million years ago when underwater volcanic activity erupted volcanic rocks that were eroded by the Kinugawa River.

The name Ryuokyo Canyon comes from the landscape, which is reminiscent of a flailing dragon (Ryu in Japanese).

Precautions when traveling by public transportation

There is only one train or bus every hour to/from Ryuokyo Station or Ryuokyo Iriguchi bus stop, which is the closest to Ryuokyo Canyon, so it is best to check the schedule in advance.

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Ryuokyo Canyon (龍王峡)


Every day




Kinugawaonsentaki, Nikko City, Tochigi 321-2526


From Tokyo, visitors can take the Limited Express Liberty Aizu from Asakusa Station to the nearest Ryuokyo Station without changing trains. The trip takes about 2 hours and 20 minutes.
From Kinugawa Onsen Station, you can take the Limited Express Liberty Aizu, the Aizu Kinugawa Line, or the Aizu Mount Express (one train a day) to Ryuokyo Station.
Alternatively, you can take a local bus from Kinugawa Onsen Station to the Ryuokyo Iriguchi bus stop.


(Yagan Tetsudo Railway) Ryuokyo Station
Limited Express Liberty Aizu, Aizu Kinugawa Line, Aizu Mount Express

(Nikko Kotsu) Ryuokyo Iriguchi (bus stop)
Nikko Kotsu Bus

(TOBU Railway) Kinugawa-onsen Station
Limited Express Spacia, Limited Express Liberty, Limited Express Spacia X, Tobu Kinugawa Line

(Tokyo Metro) Asakusa Station
Ginza Line

(Toei Transportation) Asakusa Station
Asakusa Line

(TOBU Railway) Asakusa Station