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Month: April 2023

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Fuji Motosuko Resort

Fuji Motosuko Resort is a resort located in Minamitsuru District, Yamanashi Prefecture, at the foot of Mount Fuji. Fuji Shibazakura(moss phlox) Festival held in the spring is especially famous, attracting many visitors from Japan and abroad to enjoy the view

Tokyu Kabukicho Tower

Tokyu Kabukicho Tower is a new landmark that opened on April 14, 2023 in the Kabukicho area, one of Japan’s most prominent entertainment districts in Shinjuku City, Tokyo. Food hall Tokyu Kabukicho Tower includes a neon-lit food hall with a

Yasaka Shrine

Yasaka Shrine is located in Higashiyama Ward, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture, and is one of the representative shrines of Kyoto, known for its vermilion-lacquered gate. Yasaka Shrine is the head shrine of the approximately 2,300 Yasaka shrines in Japan, and

Okunitama Shrine (Okunitama Jinja)

Okunitama Shrine is located in Fuchu City, Tokyo, and is one of the five prestigious shrines in Tokyo with a history of over 1,900 years. The other five shrines in Tokyo include Meiji Shrine, Yasukuni Shrine, Hie Shrine, and Tokyo

Asukayama Park

Asukayama Park located in Oji, Kita City, Tokyo, and is famous for its cherry blossoms. About 600 cherry trees are planted in Asukayama Park, and cherry blossoms bloom from late March to early April. During this period, many people visit

Shiba Park

Shiba Park is one of the oldest parks in Japan, located in Minato City, Tokyo, and is known for its view of Tokyo Tower, one of the landmarks of Tokyo, cherry blossoms in spring, and autumn leaves in fall. There