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Month: September 2022

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Nara Park

Nara Park is a vast park covering 660 hectares, including Nara National Museum and several cultural properties recognized as World Heritage Sites (Historic Monuments of Ancient Nara), such as Todaiji Temple famous for its Great Buddha statue, Kasuga Taisha Shrine the

Akigawa Valley

Akigawa Valley is a 20 kilometer area stretching from Akiruno City to Hinohara Village in Tokyo, centered on the Akigawa River. Akigawa River is the largest tributary of the Tama River (a first-class river flowing through Yamanashi, Tokyo, and Kanagawa


Akihabara, known as Akiba, refers to the shopping district around Akihabara Station in Chiyoda City, Tokyo. In Sundays, the main street will be turned into a pedestrian paradise called Hokoten. The hours are as follows October – March: 13:00 –