Akigawa Valley is a 20 kilometer area stretching from Akiruno City to Hinohara Village in Tokyo, centered on the Akigawa River.

Akigawa River is the largest tributary of the Tama River (a first-class river flowing through Yamanashi, Tokyo, and Kanagawa Prefectures).


Akigawa Valley belongs to the Tama region on the west side of Tokyo, and although it is only about an hour’s train ride from central Tokyo(Shinjuku), the area is rich in nature.
Visitors can enjoy the cherry blossoms in the spring, play in the river and barbecues in the summer, and the autumn leaves in the fall.

Ryushuin Temple at Akigawa Valley
Ryushuin Temple famous for Cherry Blossom

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Kotokuji Temple

kotokuji temples gate and the large gingko trees
Kotokuji Temples gate and the large gingko trees

There are also Kotokuji Temple, known for its beautiful autumn foliage.
Kotokuji Temple is a prestigious temple founded in 1373, and the two large gingko trees are overwhelming when they turn golden in autumn.

large gingko trees at kotokuji temple
Gingko trees

Seoto no Yu (Hot spring facility)

In Akigawa Valley, there is a onsen(hot spring) facility called “Seoto no Yu” with a free footbath, where visitors can enjoy hot spring bath and meal after hiking or enjoying the autumn leaves.
Cottages are also available for overnight stays at “Seoto no Yu”.

Hossawa Falls

Hossawa Falls

Hossawa Falls in Hinohara Village is the only waterfall in Tokyo selected as one of the 100 best waterfalls in Japan.
The four-tiered waterfall has a drop of approximately 60 meters. The lowest level has a drop of 26 meters, and it is said that a giant snake has long lived in the basin of the waterfall.

Hossawa Falls is illuminated in summer and is also known for its ice fall during the severe winter season.

Hossawa Falls
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Akigawa Valley (秋川渓谷)


1420 Tokura, Akiruno City, Tokyo 190-0173 (Ishibune Bridge)


One hour walk or about 10 minutes by bus from Musashi Itsukaichi Station to Ishibune Bridge, the symbolic spot at Akigawa Valley.
If you use Nishi Tokyo bus, the bus stop will be Jurigi.


(JR) Musashi Itsukaichi station
Itsukaichi Line

Jurigi (bus stop)
Nishi Tokyo bus