Miyagase Dam, located in Aiko District, Kanagawa Prefecture, is the largest gravity concrete dam in Japan and is known for its spectacular sightseeing water release.

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About Miyagase Dam

Miyagase Dam is located on the Nakatsu River, a tributary of the Sagami River, which flows through central Kanagawa Prefecture.
The dam, one of the largest in the metropolitan area, is 156 meters high and 400 meters long, with an embankment volume of approximately 2 million cubic meters and a total storage capacity of approximately 200 million cubic meters.

Cable car at Miyagase Dam
Cable car

The Miyagase Dam is served by a cable car (for a fee) that utilizes part of the dump truck-mounted incline used during construction, and can be used up and down the dam.

In addition to the cable car, visitors can also take a free elevator (currently inactive) that passes through the dam, or a 20-minute walk through Kanagawa Prefectural Aikawa Park witch is next to the dam.

View from Miyagase Dam
View from Miyagase Dam

From the top of the dam, you can see as far as the Minato Mirai area.
There is also a “Water and Energy Museum” with a restaurant nearby, where visitors can learn about the Miyagase Dam.

Sightseeing Water Release

Sightseeing Water Release at Miyagase Dam
Sightseeing Water Release

The Miyagase Dam offers sightseeing releases every Wednesday, 2nd and 4th Friday, and 2nd Sunday from 11:00-11:06 am and 2:00-2:06 pm.
During the sightseeing release, an artificial waterfall with a height difference of 70 meters appears, with 30,000 liters of water flowing every second. Depending on the wind direction and water level, splashes of water may fly, and on a clear day, a rainbow can be seen.

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Miyagase Dam (宮ヶ瀬ダム)


Hanbara, Aikawa, Aiko District, Kanagawa 243-0307


Take the Kanagawa Central Bus from Odakyu Hon-Atsugi Station to Aikawa Ohashi. It takes about 15-minute from the bus stop.
Take the Kanagawa Central Bus from JR or Keio Hashimoto Station to Mikage. Transfer to a bus bound for Hanbaru and get off at Ishigoya Iriguchi (bus stop) . It takes about 15-minute from the bus stop.


Hon-Atsugi Station
Odakyu Line

(JR) Hashimoto Station
Yokohama Line, Sagami Line

(Keio) Hashimoto Station
Keio Line

Aikawa Ohashi (bus stop)
Kanagawa Central Bus

Ishigoya Iriguchi (bus stop)
Kanagawa Central Bus