Nara Park is a vast park covering 660 hectares, including Nara National Museum and several cultural properties recognized as World Heritage Sites (Historic Monuments of Ancient Nara), such as Todaiji Temple famous for its Great Buddha statue, Kasuga Taisha Shrine the headquarters of all Kasuga Shrines in Japan, and Kofukuji Temple with its famous five-storied pagoda.

Todaiji Temple
Todaiji Temple

Nara Park is also famous for its wild deer, which number approximately 1,200 as of 2022, and can be seen throughout the park.
Deer are accustomed to humans and will come very close to you.
You can buy “special deer crackers” (10pieces: 200yen) at a store in Nara Park to feed the deer.

Fawns are very cute

Also please note the following precautions when interacting with the deer.

  • Feed the deer only special deer crackers.
  • Don’t let the deer eat paper or plastic.
  • Stay away from male deer during matig season.(July-November)
  • Don’t touch fawns(baby deer). If a fawn smells of humans, its mother may abondon it.

Travel Guide Nara

many deer eating grass
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Nara Park (奈良公園)


Every day


Kasuganocho Nara City, Nara 630-8212


Five-minute walk from Kintetsu Nara Station or 20 minutes walk from JR Nara Station.


Kintetsu Nara Station
Kintetsu Nara line

JR Nara Station
JR Nara line