Todaiji Temple, known for the Great Buddha of Nara, is one of the cultural properties that comprise Nara’s World Heritage Site. It is located in Nara City, Nara Prefecture.
At Todaiji, visitors can see the Great Buddha and many other Buddhist statues and structures designated as national treasures.

landscape seen from Nigatsu-do
landscape seen from Nigatsu-do

Among the most impressive are the Nandaimon, Todaiji’s main gate, and the Great Buddha Hall called Daibutsu-den, the world’s largest wooden structure.

Nandaimon at Nara Park
Nandaimon (Todaiji’s main gate)

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Great Buddha Hall (Daibutsu-den)

Todaiji Temple

Although its official name is Todaiji Kondo, it is widely known as Daibutsu-den.
The Great Buddha Hall is the main hall of Todaiji, and ot was built by Emperor Shomu in 751 during the Nara period (710-794), and although it was destroyed by fire in 1180 and 1567, it was rebuilt each time.

The Great Buddha Hall in Nara is 15 meters high, and the total height of its base is 18 meters. Together with the golden part behind the statue, it is a majestic structure.

Behind the Great Buddha

Twice a year, on January 1 and August 15, a window in the front of the Daibutsu-den is opened to allow visitors to see the face of the Great Buddha from outside the building.

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Todai-ji Temple (東大寺)


Every day


Adults・High and Middle school students: 600yen, Elementary school students: 300yen (Great Buddha Hall)


406-1 Zoshicho, Nara City, Nara, 630-8211


Five-minute walk from Kintetsu Nara Station, 17 minute using bus or 27 minute walk from JR Nara Station.
If you use a bus, the bus stop will be "Todai-ji Daibutsuden / Kasuga Taisha-mae".


Kintetsu Nara Station
Kintetsu Nara line

JR Nara Station
JR Nara line

Todai-ji Daibutsuden / Kasuga Taisha-mae
City loop bus