Tsutenkaku Tower, located in Shinsekai (The word means New World) area, Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture, is widely known as the symbol of Osaka. From the observatory of Tsutenkaku Tower, visitors can enjoy a panoramic view of Osaka.

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About Tsutenkaku Tower

Tsutenkaku Tower

Built in 1912, Tsutenkaku Tower was the tallest tower in Japan at the time at 75 meters. It was once demolished due to a fire, but the current Tsutenkaku Tower, which boasts a height of 108 meters, was completed in 1956.

The basement to third floors of Tsutenkaku Tower are commercial floors with souvenir shops and cafes, while the fourth and fifth floors and the rooftop (open-air) are observation decks for which a fee is charged.
The outdoor observatory has a see-through floor called “TIP THE TSUTENKAKU,” which is a thrilling experience.
Also, a statue of “Billiken,” the god of fortune, is installed on the observation deck of Tsutenkaku, and it is believed to bring good luck if you stroke the soles of its feet.

In addition, a slide called “TOWER SLIDER,” which goes all the way down to the first basement floor 22 meters above the ground, was launched in May 2022, although it is an extra charge.

Ceiling painting of Tsutenkaku Tower
Ceiling painting


Signboard at Shinsekai

Shinsekai, along with Dotonbori, is one of Osaka’s most popular business districts.
Shinsekai, a downtown area that retains the atmosphere of old Osaka, is home to Osaka’s gourmet restaurants such as kushikatsu and okonomiyaki, as well as entertainment facilities such as “Spa World” a giant hot spring theme park.

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Tsutenkaku Tower (通天閣)


Every day


Adults(High school students and older): 900yen, 5 years old to Middle school students: 400yen


1 Chome-18-6 Ebisuhigashi, Naniwa Ward, Osaka City, Osaka 556-0002


3-minute walk from Ebisucho Station. 6-minute walk from Dobutsuen-mae Station and (JR) Shin-imamiya Station. 10-minute walk from (Nankai Railway) Shin-imamiya Station.


(Osaka Metro) Ebisucho Station
Sakaisuji Line

(Hanaki Tramway) Ebisucho Station
Hankai Line

(Osaka Metro) Dobutsuen-mae Station
Midosuji Line

(JR) Shin-imamiya Station
Osaka Loop Line

(Nankai Railway) Shin-imamiya Station
Nankai Main Line