Asukayama Park located in Oji, Kita City, Tokyo, and is famous for its cherry blossoms.
About 600 cherry trees are planted in Asukayama Park, and cherry blossoms bloom from late March to early April.
During this period, many people visit the park to enjoy cherry blossom viewing and parties.

Cherry Blossom at Asukayama Park

Asukayama Park and the nearby Otonashi Water Park will be illuminated from March 16 (Saturday) to April 7 (Sunday), 2024, from sunset to 22:00, allowing visitors to enjoy the cherry blossoms at night.

Otonashi Water Park illumination
Otonashi Water Park

In the playground area of the park, there are exhibits of Toden Arakawa Line tram that were in use until 1978 and locomotive.

Toden Arakawa Line Tram
Toden Arakawa Line Tram

And in a corner of Asukayama Park, there is also an area where a museum and retro buildings related to Shibusawa Eiichi, who laid the foundation of Japan’s modern economy, still remain.

Seienbunko at Asukayama Park
Seienbunko(Shibusawa Eiichi’s stack room and place to serve customers)

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The Origin of Asukayama Park

Asukayama Park has its roots in the planting of cherry trees by order of Tokugawa Yoshimune, the 8th Tokugawa Shogun, about 300 years ago during the Edo period (1603-1868), and the opening of the park as a cherry blossom viewing site for the general public.
Asukayama, which was such a historic recreational area, was designated as one of the first parks in Japan, like Ueno Park and Shiba Park in 1873.

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Asukayama Park (飛鳥山公園)


Every day




1 Chome-1-3 Oji, Kita City, Tokyo 114-0002


1 minute walk from Oji Station and Asukayama Station.


(JR) Oji Station
Keihin-Tohoku Line

(Tokyo Metro) Oji Station
Namboku Line

(Toei Transportation) Asukayama Station
Tokyo Sakura Tram (Toden Arakawa Line)