Shiba Park is one of the oldest parks in Japan, located in Minato City, Tokyo, and is known for its view of Tokyo Tower, one of the landmarks of Tokyo, cherry blossoms in spring, and autumn leaves in fall.
There also Zojoji Temple near Shiba Park.

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About Shiba Park

Stone nameplate of Shiba Park

The grounds of Shiba Park, a large metropolitan park, once included the grounds of Zojoji Temple.
Later, the grounds of Zojoji Temple were removed and the park became the ring-shaped park it is today.

Kyu-Taitokuin Reibyo Sokumon
Kyu-Taitokuin Reibyo Sokumon Gate

Shiba Park is divided into several areas, including “Momiji (Japanese Maple) Valley,” a man-made ravine with particularly beautiful autumn foliage, one of the largest ancient tombs in Tokyo, and a magnificent vermilion gate called “Kyu-Taitokuin Reibyo Sokumon (Old Taitokuin Mausoleum Gate).
The “Kyu-Taitokuin Reibyo Sokumon” is the gate of the mausoleum of Hidetada Tokugawa, the second shogun of the Edo Shogunate, and is designated as a National Important Cultural Property.

Tokyo Tower seen from Shiba Park
Tokyo Tower seen from Shiba Park 4th Block

The Tokyo Tower can be seen from various places in Shiba Park, but Shiba Park 4th Block, located on the north side of the park near Onarimon Station, is particularly famous as a representative spot.
The view of the straight sidewalk and Tokyo Tower seen at the end of the sidewalk is very impressive.

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Shiba Park (芝公園)




4 Chome-10-17 Shibakoen, Minato City, Tokyo 105-0011


Next to Shibakoen Station, Onarimon Station.
2 minute walk from Akabanebashi station.
5 minute walk from Kamiyacho Station.
7 minute walk from Daimon Station.
10 minute walk from Hamamatsucho Station.


(Toei Transportation) Shibakoen Station
Mita Line

(Toei Transportation) Onarimon Station
Mita Line

(Toei Transportation) Akabanebashi station
Oedo Line

(Tokyo Metro) Kamiyacho Station
Hibiya Line

(Toei Transportation) Daimon Station
Asakusa Line, Oedo Line

(JR) Hamamatsucho Station
Yamanote Line, Keihin-Tohoku Line

(Tokyo Monorail) Hamamatsucho Station
Tokyo Monorail