Musashinomori Park (Musashino Forest Park) is a park adjacent to Chofu Airport and Ajinomoto Stadium, which straddles the cities of Mitaka, Fuchu, and Chofu in Tokyo.

Musashinomori Park is also the starting point for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Road Race, which was won by Richard Kalapas (men) and Anna Kiesenhofer (women).

Musashinomori Park
Where the starting point was located

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About Musashinomori Park

Stone nameplate of Musashinomori Park
Stone nameplate of Musashinomori Park

Musashinomori Park is a metropolitan park developed on the former site of the Chofu Airport, which was fully returned by the U.S. military.

Grassy plaza at Musashinomori Park

Musashinomori Park is divided into a north area and a south area. The north area includes a grassy plaza and a hill overlooking the adjacent Chofu Airport.
And the south area includes a soccer field, baseball field, and tennis courts.

From the north area of Musashinomori Park, visitors can watch aircrafts take off and land at close range, and a bunker used to protect fighter planes during World War II still remains.

Chofu Airport

Musashinomori Park and Chofu Airport
You can see the aircraft landing and taking off at close range

Commonly referred to as Chofu Airport, its official name is “Tokyo Metropolitan Chofu Airport”.
The runway is 800 meters long and is used exclusively for small aircraft.

Currently, Chofu Airport operates flights to Oshima, Niijima, Kozushima, and Miyakejima in the Izu Islands, which are part of the Tokyo’s island chain.

Construction of Chofu Airport began in 1939 and was completed in 1941, and was a public airfield with two runways at the time.
During World War II, it was mainly used by the Japanese Army as a base for the defense of the capital, and after the war it was temporarily occupied by the U.S. Army.

Musashinomori Park and Chofu Airport
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Musashinomori Park (都立武蔵野の森公園)


Every day




3−5−12 Asahicho, Fuchu City, Tokyo 183-0003


North Area
5-minute walk from Tama Station.
Or take the Odakyu Bus from Mitaka Station to Nomizu 1-Chome and walk 2-minute.

South Area
15-minute walk from Nishi-chofu Station.
Or take the Odakyu Bus from Chofu Station or Musashi-Sakai Station to Osawa Community Center and walk 5-minute.


(Seibu Railway) Tama Station
Tamagawa Line

(JR) Mitaka Station
Chuo Line, Chuo-Sobu Line

Nomizu 1-Chome (bus stop)
Odakyu Bus

(Keio) Nishi-chofu Station
Keio Line

(Keio) Chofu Station
Keio Line

(JR) Musashi-Sakai Station
Chuo Line

Osawa Community Center (bus stop)
Odakyu Bus