Odaiba Marine Park, located in Minato City, Tokyo, is one of the most scenic parks in the bay area of Tokyo, with a panoramic view of Rainbow Bridge, buildings, and Tokyo Tower.
The park is especially known for its beautiful sunset views and the illumination of the Rainbow Bridge.

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Statue of Liberty

Statue of Liberty and Rainbow Bridge seen from Odaiba Marine Park
Statue of Liberty and Rainbow Bridge

The Statue of Liberty is famous in New York City, but did you know that it also stands in Odaiba?

The Statue of Liberty in Odaiba Marine Park is a replica of the Statue of Liberty in Paris, which was once relocated to the same location for a limited time, and was made from a mold after it was returned.

The Statue of Liberty in Odaiba Marine Park is about 12 meters high, and the total height of the statue, including the pedestal, is about 17 meters, which is about one-fifth the size of the statue in New York.

Odaiba Marine Park

Odaiba Beach

Odaiba Beach at Odaiba Marine Park

There is an artificial sandy beach called Odaiba Beach in Odaiba Marine Park.
Although swimming is not allowed, beach volleyball tournaments are held on the sandy beach, and marine sports such as windsurfing can be enjoyed in summer.

There are also cafes and restaurants with terrace seating on the beach, where visitors can dine while enjoying the view of the waterfront.

Tokyo Cruise Ship (Water Bus)

Water Bus Hotaluna
Water Bus Hotaluna

From Odaiba Marine Park, a water bus service to Asakusa and Hinode Pier is available.
Priority boarding is given to those who make reservations in advance, so those interested in the water bus service are advised to make reservations at the official website below.

Rediscover Tokyo from the water | TOKYO CRUISE SHIP

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Odaiba Marine Park (お台場海浜公園)


Every day


1 Chome-4 Daiba, Minato City, Tokyo 135-0091


3-minute walk from Odaiba-kaihinkoen Station and Daiba Station.
8-minute walk from Tokyo Teleport Station.


(Yurikamome) Odaiba-kaihinkoen Station
Yurikamome Line

(Yurikamome) Daiba Station
Yurikamome Line

(Tokyo Waterfront Area Rapid Transit) Tokyo Teleport Station
Rinkai Line