Lake Motosuko is the westernmost of the Fuji Five Lakes and is known for its depth and one of the clearest lakes in Japan.
Like the other lakes, Lake Motosuko is also one of the heritage sites that comprise the World Heritage Site of Mount Fuji.

Mount Fuji seen from the lake’s northern shore is particularly spectacular, and the view of Mount Fuji on the reverse side of the 1,000 yen note was designed based on a photograph taken from Nakanokura Pass.

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About Lake Motosuko

Lake Motosuko straddles Fujikawaguchiko Town, Minamitsuru-gun and Minobu Town, Minamikoma-gun in Yamanashi Prefecture.
With a circumference of 12.6 km (7.83 miles), an area of 4.7 square km, a depth of 122 m (0.076 miles), and a capacity of 328 cubic kilometers, Motosu Lake boasts the greatest depth, capacity, and transparency of the Fuji Five Lakes.

Lake Motosuko was originally one lake, called “Se-no-Umi” together with Lake Shojiko and Lake Saiko.
Lake Motosuko was divided by the lava that flowed out during the great eruption of Mount Fuji in 800, and then into Lake Shojiko and Lake Saiko by the lava that flowed out during the subsequent great eruption of Mount Fuji in 864.

At Lake Motosuko, visitors can enjoy water sports such as windsurfing, SUP, canoe/kayak, and diving.
In addition, there are several campgrounds around Lake Motosuko, making it a popular area for campers.

Mount Fuji on the 1,000 yen note

Mount Fuji seen from Lake MotosukoScenery seen from Lake Motosuko Observation Park

Mount Fuji and its reflection on the surface of Lake Motosu, commonly known as “upside down Fuji”, is based on the photo “Spring by the Lake” by the famous Japanese Fuji photographer, Koyo Okada.

Upside down Fuji can only be seen on “fine” and “windless” days, but at Lake Motosuko, also known as the Mecca of windsurfing, the wind is usually blowing, so you have to be very lucky to see it.

The exact spot where “Spring by the Lake” was taken is “Nakanokura Pass Observation Point”, about 30 minutes up the trail of Nakanokura Pass.

However, many visitors come to the spot at the foot of the Nakanokura Pass, which is indicated as “Lake Motosuko Observation Park” on Google Maps, because it offers a similar view of Lake Motosuko and Mount Fuji.
The “Motosuko Observation Park” is located approximately 3.6 km (45 minutes on foot) from the Motosuko Tourist Information Center, the nearest bus stop.

Model area of Yuru Camp△ (Laid-Back Camp)

Motosuko Central Lodge at Lake MotosukoMotosuko Central Lodge (Reception at Kouan Campgrounds)

Kouan Campgrounds and its vicinity on Lake Motosuko has been featured as a model area in the popular Japanese camping manga and anime “Yuru Camp△ (Laid-Back Camp)”.
Note: Kouan Campgrounds and its vicinity on Lake Motosuko appears in episode 1 of the anime.

Kouan Campgrounds, located on the shores of Lake Motosu, is known as a popular camping spot with a frontal view of Lake Motosu and Mount Fuji.

Motosuko public a pay toiletMotosuko public a pay toilet which appears in Yuru Camp△

There are many other places in Yamanashi Prefecture that have been used as model areas for “Yuru Camp△”.
Please refer to the website below for more information if you are interested, which is available on the Yamanashi Tourism Organization’s website.

Introducing the model area in Yamanashi Prefecture that appeared in the animated cartoon “Anime Laid-back Camp△”!

Hottarakashi OnsenHottarakashi Onsen (Hot Spring)

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Lake Motosuko (本栖湖)


Nakanokura, Minobu, Minamikoma District, Yamanashi 409-3104 (Motosukotenbo Park)


Take the Shojiko/Motosuko Sightseeing Bus (Blue Line) from Kawaguchiko Station or Motosuko/Shin-Fuji Route Bus (S Line) from Mt.Fuji Station to Motosuko Tourist Information Center bus stop.
The bus ride takes about 50 minutes from Kawaguchiko Station, 55 minutes from Mt.Fuji Station.
It's about 45 minute walk from Motosuko Tourist Information Center to Motosukotenbo Park.


(Fujikyu Railway) Kawaguchiko Station
Fujikyuko Line, Limited Express Fuji Excursion, Fujisan View Express, Fujisan Express

(Fujikyu Railway) Mt.Fuji Station
Fujikyuko Line, Limited Express Fuji Excursion, Fujisan View Express, Fujisan Express

(Fujikyuko Bus) Motosuko Tourist Information Center
Narusawa/Shojiko/Motosuko Sightseeing Bus (Blue Line), Motosuko/Shin-Fuji Route Bus (S Line)